Government Grant, For Business Under New Schemes

In support of the SME Go digital program launched by the government, using a government grant, companies are working with small businesses. So that they can be comfortable while embracing technology to manage their businesses better. For this Productive Solutions, Grants is there to support the adoption of IT solutions and new equipment.

What Is PSG?

Though technology can sometimes be intimidating, still, it is not all fancy and difficult to decipher. One can start using technology for business with simple steps to automate the current process. This type of government grant supports companies that are keen on adopting IT techniques for better outputs.

The discussion of these solutions happened with the government, and with 80% support in funding, PSG allows companies to make long-term investments.

Which Businesses Are Eligible For PSG?

Any SMB/SME can apply for this under the following criteria:

  • The business should be operating and registered in Singapore.
  • It should have a local shareholding of 30%
  • Use IT solutions or equipment purchased in Singapore.
  • Annual Turnover not more than $100 million
  • Employment size less than 200 people.
  • No engagement with any other IT solutions provider

The business conditions have changed drastically over a short period, and these grants are to make sure the business remains afloat.

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