Pipe Repair Chooses The Cold Methods 

Welding joints of the pipes are the most vulnerable to get cracked or busted. It is a hasty mess as we can’t change the whole pipe nor do the hot welding while the pipe is at work. The pipe repair can arise due to many factors like:

  • Corrosion due to weather effects.
  • Dents or physical blows externally.
  • Contamination due to any oxidant action or deposition of any unwanted material.

These repairs are now easily mended using the new cold methods, which the owners can themselves perform. Repair putty or Epoxy mixtures are famous for the application.

Why Choose Epoxy?

The epoxy kit generally contains two separate components, which are to be proportionately mixed and applied uniformly. The mix takes some time to harden and bind to durability. However, the substance is itself soft and easy to apply at the bends. The material non-reacting can be used for any pipe, from plastic to copper.

When To Use Epoxy Cold Repair?

Many times, repair tapes are preferred to the long drying procedure of epoxy. But their durability is comparatively less. The tapes are fetching if used for the pipes with pressure which can’t wait for long idle. Else the use of the cold methods ensures complete seal and security of the weld cracks.

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