All You Need To Know About Subscription Box Packaging

A creative and effective way to promote your products is by marketing them through subscription boxes. It makes the subscribers feel special and get a feeling of belongingness towards the company. It should be of adequate size so that it fulfils the requirement of the customers.

Some of the guidelines to follow while designing subscription boxes packaging are:

Mailer boxes

Mailers are one of the best options which you can opt for your subscription box. These are more rigid and much heavier than the paperboard boxes. These are sturdy and have strength in them to process easy shipping of the products. These can be utilized by e-commerce companies, gift boxes and other purposes.

Shipping boxes

If you are more concerned about the protection of your products rather than the design, you must opt for shipping boxes for your subscribed packages. They are much sturdier than the mailing boxes and have extra protection because they are properly corrugated. You can also style the custom shipping boxes and market your brand with the size, design and quantity of the box and use it to attract more customers to your company.

Paperboard boxes

This material is much more lightweight as compared to the earlier ones. It is preferred for packaging the product and is recommended for products which require the folding boxes.

These are not recommended for subscription boxes as they are not very sturdy can will not be able to withhold much weights in them. it is also not recommended for the boxes which are to be shipped from one place to another.

Paddled bubble mailers

If you have very small products to be shipped, you must go for these boxes as they provide excellent boxes for subscription. These boxes are mostly heavy bags or envelop which are lined with padding of bubbles to ensure protection.

There is a chance of product getting damaged inside the paddled bubble because of their movement inside the mailers. But they can be a good option if you wish to save your money over the shipping costs to be incurred over the products.


Hence, there are a lot of different subscription boxes, which you can get for your business depending upon your needs and the type of product which you want to export. You can easily choose the box that you want and utilize them for the shipment of your products effectively.

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