Guide To Delivery Service Malaysia

Your company must operate as efficiently as the ability to preserve up with an increasingly globalized market. Any delivery service malaysia that is not running efficiently will inevitably be excluded from the race.

Some of the factors that contribute to botched delivery

  • Problems locating unique addresses in orders.
  • Customers are unaware of the expected arrival time.
  • The scheduling algorithm is a time-consuming process.
  • There’s no way of keeping track of the agents and drivers.
  • The Directions Issue.
  • It isn’t easy to communicate with drivers and officers.
  • There isn’t a good database of distributors, officers, or clients.


  1. Tookan centralizes the distribution and customer information, minimizing paperwork and uncertainty.
  2. Tasks are immediately considered as early drivers/agents.
  3. Tookan has a simple, intuitive GUI that anyone can use from anywhere.
  4. Your customers will receive a connection to monitor their packages.
  5. Customer engagement and feedback processes have been enhanced.
  6. Customers are informed about the status of their deliveries via SMS and email.
  7. Remote communication between managers, including agents/drivers, in real-time.
  8. To make good data-driven decisions, you’ll need analytics and reports.
  9. Tookan enables you to lead and manage the group from any place.
  10. All delivery-related procedures have been simplified, resulting in lower management costs.

You often need a delivery service malaysia to meet your orders to develop your delivery management system. However, this program is often very costly. However, there are more cost-effective and better options on the market.

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