How Many Different Performance Marketing Channels To Use For Your Business?

Experts say that you should never put all your eggs in one basket and never try to measure the depth of the ocean by putting both feet in it at the same time. These two rules apply in marketing as well. If you are based in Singapore and want to dominate the market you are exploring right now, then do something that other businesses are not doing. Start with performance marketing so that you can get better results with a limited budget. Before you give it a shot, learn different types of performance marketing ads and use all those that can get you phenomenal results.

You don’t have to try all of them together. Target 2-3 different performance marketing channels at once and measure results. Based on how successful you are with those channels, you can decide whether to continue with them or switch to new channels. Some popular performance marketing channels that you can try are affiliate marketing, sponsored content, influencer marketing, social media marketing (lead generation), and pay per install campaigns. Select the best among them for your business and try them out before moving to others.

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