Nickel Sheet application

Nickel sheet applications vary according to the needs of the industries. Nickel is one of the strongest materials used in industries. Metal sheets are thin layers of metal that are flat. Nickel sheets are supplied in standard measurements. This makes it easier for the manufacturers to transport and store them. Secondary processing of these sheets is easy as well. Nickel is one of the materials used in high temperature and high corrosion environments. Applications include building and construction sites, marine material handling, aerospace industries, medical industries, electronics, power generation and chemical processing plants as well. Nickel sheet has high hardness, ferromagnetism, high thermal conductivity, electrical conductivity and very high corrosion resistance against acids.

These properties allow nickel to be used in many applications worldwide. There are different types of nickel alloys. These are differentiated by the grading. Each grade has its own specification. Nickel 201 plate for example is a pure nickel plate. There are other types of nickel material that are pure nickel as well. Pure nickel material contains about 99% of nickel with other elements in addition. The addition of other compositions makes the difference in the mechanical properties of the different grades of nickel. Nickel 200 is one of the pure nickel materials. Nickel 200 sheet is used in high temperature applications as well as manufacturing of other accessories from. Nickel 200 sheet price differs from application to application and supplier to supplier. Nickel 201 and nickel 200 sheets can be used interchangeably whenever the applications permit.

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