Options For Team Building Events In Melbourne Perfect For Your Employees

You can find many benefits for your business when you invest in developing your workforce and hold regular team-building events. These events are an excellent way for your employees to get to know each other outside of the workplace, and they can help build an amazing team for your company. You can consider choosing various activities for your team-building events that can help enhance the communication and teamwork of your employees. Below are a few options of events you can consider for your business that may be perfect for your employees and also a lot of fun.

Beach Olympics

A relatively simple but effective team-building event you can consider using is Beach Olympics, which XLEvents team-building activities in Melbourne can help you organise. It is suitable for businesses of 10+ up to 150+, and there are various activities you can do over a few hours. It can help promote teamwork and communication using events such as tug-o-war, egg and spoon race, sack race, and others, and can be a lot of fun for everyone who participates. You can also consider having a barbecue once the event is complete and allowing your employees to relax together while enjoying some delicious food.

The Amazing Race

Although the Amazing Race television show has not been on TV for a few years, it is still a highly popular team-building event you can utilise for your team-building efforts. It is especially good for large groups as you can have anywhere from 10 to 300 people participating. It is a high-energy activity that will see your employees split into teams and race around solving problems and doing tasks which require effective communication and excellent team skills. The activities can be catered for your employees and focus on fun tasks that promote communication and get them thinking.

Corporate Survivor

Another team-building activity you can consider based on a TV show is Corporate Survivor, which is another activity suitable for large numbers, up to 250. Your employees will face various increasingly challenging tasks to complete that will test their skills and stomachs as they relive some of the events and situations common on the reality television show. It can be lots of fun for your employees and help challenge them by taking them outside their comfort zones. All you need is a large open space, and a reputable events company can help organise your Corporate Survivor event and ensure it is a resounding success with your employees.

BBQ MasterChef

You can also consider opting for the BBQ MasterChef team-building event, based on the hit TV show MasterChef, which can be lots of fun and worthwhile for your employees. You can have groups of up to 200 people and split them into teams and tasked with setting up and preparing a pop-up kitchen. They will need to plan a menu, work closely together, and use teamwork to deliver their menus and ensure they are tasty, all whilst racing against the clock. Their efforts will be judged and placed accordingly, and it can be immense fun and something different for your employees to enjoy.

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