Solar Street Light Supplier In Best Price Of Best Quality

A solar led street light lamp is a light source that uses solar cells. It is mounted on a small structure that houses a small solar panel, capable of capturing the energy of the Sun and transforming it into light, without the need for an electrical connection. Structurally these street lights consist of an external panel, a battery, a charge controller, and an LED light.

In terms of design, we are far from a solution pleasing to the human eye, as the panel’s presence is essential for operation. Let’s go in order and try to understand the advantages and disadvantages of a solar-powered garden lamp. The main – and perhaps unique – advantage of a solar garden lamp is that no electrical connection is required.

  • This means that, apart from the lamp’s cost, there are no other fixed costs such as the connection of the system or utility costs, since the lamp is self-powered.
  • However, the autonomy of solar-powered street lamps and garden lights are related to their batteries’ duration, which, on average, do not exceed eight years of useful life.
  • The LED lamp will use a very low voltage to work, so in terms of consumption, we can say with certainty that you are facing the best solution around.
  • Furthermore, the LED lamp has an average life span of 10 times longer than its incandescent sister.
  • The lighting produced can cover from 6 to a maximum of 8 hours.
  • Doing a quick calculation makes it easy to see that an LED solar lamp has approximately 10,000 hours of useful life.
  • Certainly, at first glance, there seem to be some positive factors in owning a photovoltaic street lamp.

As anticipated, although there are no fixed costs to connect the solar street lamp or even produce energy, now we will explain how this apparent economic advantage is not worth the expense incurred. Good quality solar powered garden lights have a very high cost. They are talking about many hundreds of euros of the solar street light supplier.

Of course, if you are not afraid to spend a few euros more for an excellent quality product, you must, however, be aware that the slow economic return is not the only disadvantage to be faced. They consider the average price of a lamp of excellent quality to make a comparison as objective as possible. Therefore, the price of a solar garden lamp is much higher than a classic LED lamp, connected via electricity. Buy solar street light that lasts longer.

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